The Best Get Well Present

Find The Best Present For A Sick Person

Getting over an illness is more of a challenge then what you think. However, you need to make sure you know more information on how to encourage people who are going through an illness by getting them some type of get well present.  Here are some options which will help you in locating the best get well present for anyone who is ill.


The first type of present you should get people is ones which will help them laugh about the illness. When they are able to laugh about the illness, you will find they can take their mind off of what is going on with them. Then they do not have to be concerned about the illness affecting them all the time.


Another type of present you can get someone is something which they are able to eat. Normally when someone is sick, they end up having to eat a bland diet. However, when they have recovered they will be ravenous with hunger. So you should look at the types of foods they can eat and get the food which they can eat.


Something else which you may want to consider as a present is the different books or items they can use to read. If the person is in the hospital, then they may bored easily. However, people need to have something to do so a book or magazine may be a great idea.


Finding the perfect get well present can be hard to do. This is when you should know some ways to find the perfect present. Without this, you can have the issue of getting the wrong present for the person who is ill.

Yardwork: A Thoughtful Spring Get Well

When someone is sick or recovering in the spring, it can be especially hard on him if he has a green thumb. Those who take a special pride in his lawn and flowerbeds can get really down when he can only enjoy the signs of spring through his living room or bedroom window.


The fresh spring air and birds chirping are wonderful, but it's stressful on the gardener’s soul when he can't get outside to plant his tulips or manicure his lawn. Pitching in and getting the landscape prepared for the year is a unique and thoughtful gift that will keep giving long have he's feeling better.


Get a Group Together


Unless you have tons of time to devote to this gift, you're probably going to need some help. Ask friends and family to come over and pitch in on the effort to get the yard ready, including planting, mowing and uncovering bird baths and other lawn ornaments that are wrapped up over the winter months.


Get His Input


If you know the recipient extremely well and know exactly what he likes in his yard, choosing new plants is a breeze. If you find that you're unsure, ask him what his favorite plants and flowers are, so you don't spend a bunch of cash and hard work on a flowerbed or garden he's not in love with.


Clear the Lawn


Cleaning up the lawn, including picking up sticks and debris and mowing the lawn, can be an all day chore in itself. If you don't have the time or budget to address the gardens, getting the yard in order is a major gift in itself.


Keep It Simple


Remember that everything planted will need care. If he's got a garden full of plants that essentially take care of their own planting, stick to weeding and cleaning up the flowerbed. When planting is necessary, don't go overboard, or your gift may end up making more work for him in the long run.


For those who long to get out in there yards all winter long, healing during the springtime can make not feeling well that much worse. Planning a day to get his landscaping cleaned up and yard in order is a thoughtful get well gift he'll never forget.



Baseball Themed Get Well Package for the Under the Weather Fan

With baseball season soon to be underway, giving your ailing little—or big—slugger a baseball themed gift package could be just what the doctor ordered. He may not be able to get to the stadium anytime soon, but he can have the comfort of his couch and a unique baseball experience at the same time.

Whether you choose to use a basket or box, you can line the bottom with a cozy fleece lap blanket instead of the usual gift packing material. If you want to go the extra mile, you can easily find a blanket or Snuggie with his favorite team's logo on it.

For some festive baseball snacks, it would be kind of hard to put a ballpark dog in the package, but there are other staples that will fit the bill. What trip to the stadium is complete without a box of Cracker Jacks? Other goodies to add could include, nachos and a jar of cheese dip, salted peanuts and sunflower seeds.

And, don't forget the drinks! For adults, you can add a couple bottles of his favorite brew and for youngsters, some sudsy rootbeer will keep their big league thirsts at bay. As a bonus, if you can find some plastic tumblers in a baseball theme or with their team logo, they'll be able to enjoy their refreshments in true stadium style.

Other fun baseball get well gift basket stuffers are actual baseballs—you might want to stick with the foam variety since they'll be indoors, big foam fingers and a baseball cap. Also, you can visit their team's website and print out a listing of the season's game schedule.

Baseball fans are lucky. The season is full of great, action-packed entertainment and this country loves its baseball. There are many possibilities for fun baseball gifts for any fan who needs a get well pick-me-up.

Ultimate Get Well Gift: The Apple iPad

Tablets offer convenient communications and entertainment options in one handy device.

Besides the obvious discomfort, the worst part of being sick is the boredom. You're tethered to your bed or couch for lengthy periods of time, and while visitors come and go, the majority of your time is spent alone. It can feel like solitary confinement if you don't have some excellent entertainment and communication options.


That's where the iPad or other electronic tablet, such as the Toshiba Thrive, comes in. These devices are pretty cool, because they offer so many features that you it's like carrying a computer the size of a book around. They're relatively light in weight and compact, yet they boast so many capabilities it's astonishing.

Not only can your loved one check her email or play video games, but she can also access the Internet, watch movies, take and edit pictures, read books and even have a face to face chats with friends and family. Tablets are basically like large smartphones without the calling feature. They allow their users a convenient way to stay in touch with others and have instant access to a wide variety of social media and entertainment possibilities all from on cool device.


And the more applications they install, the more the tablet can do. If they're trying to stay on top of things at work or send a grocery list from home, they can add interactive lists, planners and other data collecting and sharing programs that can be synched with computers and other devices.


iPads and tablets make great get well gifts because they pack so much value in both functionality and entertainment value in one compact device. They're bigger than smartphones making the easier to use, but smaller than a laptop and way more portable. If you want to get an amazing gift for someone who will be spending a long time recovering, iPads or other brand name tablets make fabulous get well gifts.

Get Well Surprise: Arrange for an Out of Town Visitor

Anyone whom has spent any time in a hospital as a patient, knows that it can be very lonely. You might get a few days of well-wishers and close friends, but then they start to trickle in. If you want something that will make a person in the hospital feel better, then bring in family and friends from out of town.

Patients appreciate the usual suspects. We love to hear from coworkers and our children or parents, but when that old friend from high school comes in, it really lifts your spirits. People like to know that others care about them and coming to the hospital from a long distance can mean a lot.

Nothing can get a person down more than an empty hospital room. Spending day and night alone with only sporadic visits from nurses to provide human contact, you’re going to get depressed. Friends and family like to make the obligatory visit early on and get it out of the way. They have their own lives and can’t just take a week to babysit grandma.

If you come from three states away and spend a couple of days with a lonely patient, I can guarantee you that they will get better faster. If you want to wish someone a get well, don’t send a card or make a phone call. Take a few days off work, pile into the car and make it a trip to remember. Someday when the shoe is on the other foot, he or she will remember what you did and reciprocate.

Digital Photo Frames

Picture frames and albums are always a nice gift, but digital photo frames are amazing. Rather than having a bedside table cluttered with multiple frames or an album that has to stored, lifted and gone through, a digital frame provides a steady rotation of captured memories with no effort at all.


Digital picture frames come at a wide variety of price points depending on their features and screen sizes. Some features that you can look for are built in memory storage and the ability to play MP3 or music files. Other frames have touchscreen features that make using the menu nearly effortless.

Also, when it comes to the frames themselves, they come in a wide variety of styles and colors. There are basic black, gray and wood-finish frames for adults and fun, vivid colors and patterns for the young at heart.


But, what makes a digital picture frame truly special isn't how big the screen size is or what color the frame happens to be. What makes it great are the pictures you add to it. You can copy existing photos from your computer onto a memory card or even scan in older pictures that bring back memories from long ago.


Digital photo frames are sweet gifts for friends and family while they're recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, but can be used long after that special someone feels well again. He can take it to the office or display it on the mantel. And, as the years go by and the family grows and changes, more pictures can always be added to the memory card for years to come.

Gift Cards to Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Having food delivered always hits the spot

When people think of gift cards, the first kind that spring to mind are for major chain stores like Walmart and Kohl's. While these gift cards are always a great fit for most occasions, there are other gift cards and codes that can truly hit the spot when someone's not feeling well—restaurant and grocery gift certificates.


When you're not feeling well, getting to the grocery store can be a hassle, if not completely impossible. That's why finding a local store that does grocery delivery can be a life saver when someone you care about is ill. He can choose the groceries, medicines or household items he wants or needs and the market will deliver it straight to his door.

If you do a search of the supermarkets in his area, their websites will usually indicate if they offer local home delivery. Then you can buy a gift card or electronic gift code for any given dollar amount and send it in a card, or even an email. The same goes for most chain restaurants.


Even in a house full of groceries, one of the last things you want to do when you're sick is stand over a hot stove to make three meals a day. Giving your healing friend a gift card or code to one or more local restaurants that deliver will give him the opportunity to choose what he wants, when he wants without having to spend a long time on his feet in the kitchen.


Food-related gift certificates and electronic gift codes couldn't be easier to give and always make things a little easier for your friends and family when they're not feeling well. They're perfect for individuals or families during an illness, recovery from surgery or even after welcoming a new little one into their families.

Pajamas and Robes: Gifts of Comfort

When you're not feeling well, anything you can do to feel more comfortable helps with the healing process. It's hard to relax and concentrate and feeling better when you're stuck in an uncomfortable pair of pajamas or have to worry about keeping the back of your hospital gown closed every time you have to use the restroom.


That's why giving a nice pajama set or comfy robe can be a perfect get well gift. There are so many options to fit the recipient's personal style and preferences, that you can easily find something that will help brighten his or her day and help them stay cozy while they heal.

Robes – Robes come in lots of styles and materials. There are varying thicknesses and lengths of terry cloth, cotton or flannel, and you can choose between robes that tie, zip and button up.


Night gowns – Nightgowns are convenient for ladies who've had abdominal surgery and don't want a waistband around their waists. The also come in varying lengths and materials, from t-shirt to satin.


Pajama pants and shirts – You can find these sets in all materials as well and the shirts can button down or be pulled over the head. Some sets also come with shorts for added comfort if a room is hot or stuffy.


Footie pajamas – For the little ones, hospital stays can be especially taxing and unpleasant. Giving them a fun set of footie pajamas might bring a smile to their faces and add a little comfort to they're stays.

The best part of giving pajamas for gifts is that you can easily find large selections in department or specialty stores. There are lots of possibilities and that touch of comfort can go along way for your friends and family when they're feeling ill.

Pamper Your Pal with a Pedicure

A few years back, a friend of mine had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. She was stuck in a hospital bed for several days and was starting to feel really low. I wanted to do something really nice for her, so I put together a manicure and pedicure kit and paid her a long visit.

I bought simple supplies from the local dollar store: nail polish in a few different shades, cotton balls, nail polish remover, a fingernail trimming kit, a toenail trimming kit, a pair of plush wash cloths and some nice foot lotion. When I found everything I wanted, I popped it all into a nice plastic tub that she could use to soak her feet later at home.

When I got to the hospital she was totally thrilled. A few people had brought flowers and balloons, sat with her for a while and then left. She craved the girl time as much as she enjoyed being pampered. She knew it would be a while before she'd be able to bend over to do her own toes and her husband is sweet but not the home pedicure type.

We chatted while I gave her a little homemade manicure and pedicure and she loved every minute of it. She was totally stoked to have such a unique gift and felt a ton better by the time I left.

Being bed bound, whether at home or the hospital can be boring and lonely. Sometimes the best way to say get well is just to find something fun that you can do together. A mani-pedi visit is always a good option for some girl time when your pal isn't feeling well.

Now Here's a Get Well Present for Kids

After my disappointment last week with a get well basket for kids, I am happy to report that I found a much more suitable option, at least for fans of Spiderman.  This great basket has all the right elements for a get well basket, without the cavity-inducing contents some other baskets include.

At $42.99 plus $13.99 shipping, this basket is a bit pricey, but for the sick Spiderman fan in your world, this might be just the thing to get them feeling better – or at least keep them occupied for a while.  With sick kids, that few minutes of entertainment can really be a relief for both kid and parent.

The coolest part about this basket is that it comes in a reusable Spiderman lunch box, instead of a throwaway basket.  It includes an activity book, markers, an art set, stickers, a hard cover notebook, mechanical pencils, a canvas and even a velvet art activity, all with a cool Spiderman theme.  For the price, you seem to get quite a bit.

Though it has no reviews yet, it seems like a “you get what you see” type of gift, so I cannot imagine any Spiderman fan being disappointed with this gift.

This gift basket isn’t limited just to a get well present, though.  You could use this as a standalone birthday gift for your Spiderman fan, or as part of a larger gift set.  However you use it, this Spiderman gift basket is sure to be a big hit for the Spiderman fan in your life.